The grapes used for producing Prosecco Spumante D.O.C mainly come from the Glera vine, an indigenous vine of north-east Italy, renowned since Roman times and first mentioned by the “Giornale d’Italia” in 1772. This is a white grape vine with hazel-coloured shoots which produces large, long bunches of golden-yellow grapes. Its cultivation requires a vertical training of shoots, the elimination of those in excess, as well as pruning and tying as necessary, in order to obtain a microclimate suitable for allowing aromatic substances to accumulate on the grapes.


This Prosecco Millesimato Extra Dry sugar content, very pale soft pink with a minute, persistent “perlage”, has an elegant fruity and floral aroma with underlying notes of cherry and berries.

Prosecco Rosè Novizio extra dry 75 cl

  • Features

    Wine type: Prosecco

    Bottle size: 75 cl

    Variety: Glera 85%, Pinot Nero 15%

    Serve at: 6-8 °C

    Exposure: south-west, north-east facing

    Storage: 18-24 months

    Alcohol: 11% Vol.

  • Pairings

    Aperitifs, fish dishes, game.