Grapes are harvested in the first weeks of September when the organoleptic properties (sugars, acidity and aromatic substances) are optimal for the production of sparkling Prosecco D.O.C. The wine-making process used is the Method Martinotti. Following fermentation, the settling stage begins during which decanting and filtration are carried out to obtain a clear, transparent wine. The Martinotti method is used to make the wine sparkling. The wine then move on to the final phase which is specific to Prosecco: natural re-fermentation.

Pulpito - Prosecco Doc. Treviso Frizzante bottles 6 x 75 cl

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  • Features

    Wine type: Prosecco

    Bottle size: 75 cl

    Variety: Glera, indigenous vine of north-east Italy

    Serve at: 6-8°C

    Exposure: sud-ovest, nord-est

    Initial Harvest: 2000

    Storage: 18/24 mesi

    Alcohol: 10,5% Vol.

  • Pairings

    Fish appetizers, land appetizers, fish first courses, land first courses, fish main courses, desserts, dry pastries.